• Joint Strike Fighter Program (01 May 2002)

    Hudson, Brig Gen J. Joint Strike Fighter, USA

  • The Airbus 380 Cockpit (01 May 2002)

    Chandler, P. A380 Project Pilot, Airbus, France

  • Optimising Terrain Database Modelling for Integrated Systems Training (01 May 2002)

    Bennett, T. United Airlines, USA,
    Lindsay, J. Principal Engineer, United Airlines, USA

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  • The Challenges of Simulating Flight Through Wake Vortices (01 May 2002)

    Grasjo, I. Saab Aerospace, Sweden,
    Larsson, R. Saab Aerospace, Sweden,
    Sedin, Y. Saab Aerospace, Sweden

  • Tornado: Turning 20th Century Trainers into a 21st Century Service (01 May 2002)

    Aylward, M. Thales Training ,
    Swift, A. Thales Training ,
    Talati, A. Thales Training

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  • Parachute Training and Mission Rehearsal Using a Simulator Synthetic Environment (01 May 2002)

    Hogue, J. Systems Technology Inc.,
    Markham, S. Technical Director, Valentine Technologies Ltd,
    Schmucker, C. SKK Industries Inc, USA

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  • Immersion in the Real World: Towards an Integrated Global Simulator Environment (01 May 2002)

    Drummond, F. Weather Systems Engineer Integrated Traffic Systems, CAE, Canada,
    Lavoie, J-S. CAE, Canada

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  • Distributed Mission Training "Success Does Not Consist Of Never Making Mistakes But In Never Making The Same One A Second Time" (01 May 2002)

    White, Dr D. Thales Training

  • Realising the Potential of Networked Simulation in Europe: Euclid RTP11.13 (01 May 2002)

    Dumetz, J. Thales Training

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  • Embedded Flight Simulation System Design and Implementation: Euclid RTP 11.12 (01 May 2002)

    Visintini, L. Aermacchi, Italy

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  • Swedish Air Force Air Combat Simulation Centre: Making Knowledge Visible (01 May 2002)

    Borgvall, A. Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden

  • Recent History of Simulator Data Package Progression for a Large Commercial Transport Aircraft (01 May 2002)

    Lara, J. Boeing Company, USA,
    Mazzacavallo, B. Boeing Company, USA

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  • Utilising the FAA's Flight Simulation Capabilities in System Development and Validation (01 May 2002)

    Rehmann, A. Technical Program Manager, FAA Data Link Program, Federal Aviation Administration, USA

  • Piloted Simulation Developments of STOV Aircraft Handling Qualities (01 May 2002)

    Hodge, Dr S. BAE Systems, UK,
    Southworth, M. BAE Systems, UK

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  • The Use of Simulation in the VAAC Harrier Programme (01 May 2002)

    Brook, M. QinetiQ Ltd, UK,
    D\'Mello, G. QinetiQ Ltd, UK

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  • The Use of Advanced Simulation in the Development of High Performance Tactical Aircraft Systems (01 May 2002)

    Sjunnesson, G. Saab Aerospace, Sweden

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  • Boeing 777 Engineering Simulation Usage (01 May 2002)

    Feller, R. Engineering Lead, Simulator Data, The Boeing Company, USA

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  • Integrated Motion Cueing Algorithm and Motion-Base Design for Flight Simulation (01 May 2002)

    Advani, Dr S.K. ADSE, The Netherlands,
    Hosman, R. Aerospace Man-Machine Systems Consulting, The Netherlands

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  • Ensuring Fidelity Using Visual Warping Techniques (01 May 2002)

    Lindsay, J. Principal Engineer, United Airlines, USA,
    Pepper, D. United Airlines, USA

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  • Testing for Training: Applying New Technologies to an Improved Training Readiness (01 May 2002)

    Burroughs, D. CAE, Canada,
    Fedele, M. CAE, Canada,
    Gauthier, R. CAE, Canada

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  • Toward the Development of Advanced Training Management Using Automated Event Detection and Assessment (01 May 2002)

    Bresee, J.S. SimAuthor Inc, USA

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