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"The FSEMC is an air transport industry activity organized by Aeronautical Radio, Inc. (ARINC). The objectives of FSEMC are to promote reliability and reduced operating cost in flight simulators by improving engineering, maintenance, and support techniques through the exchange of technical information.

FSEMC includes users of flight and cabin simulators (dynamic and static). Users include airlines, commuter airlines, and other simulation users. Participants include airframe manufacturers, aircraft equipment suppliers, and simulator equipment suppliers.

The FSEMC consists of representatives from the technical leadership of the air transport flight simulator engineering and maintenance community (Operators), other companies whose primary involvement with flight simulators is as users with significant engineering and maintenance resources committed to the support of simulator use (Other Users), organizations who support the above named groups through provisions of materials or services (Suppliers), and other interested organizations (Others). The voting membership of FSEMC consists of Operators and Other Users (Users) who are present and registered at the annual conference.

FSEMC accomplishes its objectives through a number of activities including an annual conference, steering committee meetings, task group activities, and liaison with the AEEC and with other aviation or electronic industry activities."