The FSG has an executive Committee, with an international membership that aims to span all of these disciplines and to provide a focus on all aspects of flight simulation. The Committee's activities are governed by Terms of Reference and a Constitution, and its overall governance is the responsibility of the Learned Society Board of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The FSG Committee arranges two international conferences on flight simulation each year that usually take place in the Spring and Autumn at the Headquarters of the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. It is also responsible for the annual Edwin A Link Lecture and the annual Captain Ray Jones Memorial Lecture. The FSG holds an Annual General Meeting, usually at 17:30 on the first day of the annual Spring Flight Simulation Conference in June. The Annual General Meeting considers and approves the Chairman's Annual Report and a Strategic Plan. Committee members are also elected.

See the documents below for more in-depth information:

1. Terms of Reference and Constitution

2. Chairman's Annual Report (requires FSG Forum access rights)