It has always been the desire of the Flight Simulation Group to engage with the regulatory bodies, industry, academia and indeed the general public concerning all aspects of flight simulation. To this end we have set up a Discussion Forum with the following topic areas:

Flight Simulation Challenges

Public Discussion Area

The general FSG Forum which includes these areas can be found here.


In addition, there are two more specialised Forums:

The ICAO 9625 IWG Forum, which charts the progress of the updates to ICAO Document 9625, can be found here.

The Upset Recovery Forum, designed to promote discussion on this difficult simulation area, can be found here.

All the above Forums are at the disposal of any visitor to the web site after a simple registration process. This is to provide some level of protection from Spammers and others who may attempt to disrupt the Forum interactions with their attempts to sell goods, advertise illicit websites, etc. Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please follow the instructions therein and you will be registered on the Forum and be able to post questions, comments, etc. Please be assured we will not distribute your details for use outside of the Society.